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Happy Friday – Day of Planner


One thing I wish I had done differently on my wedding day was hired a day of planner. If you have chosen the route of DIY along your planning process, that’s great. Many brides today choose this route in order to cut costs in a big way. However, when it comes to the day of the wedding, it’s important to have one or two designated person(s) to make sure everything gets done.

There are so many details that go into a wedding day:

Making sure the cake has arrived

Making sure candles are lit

Making sure flowers have arrived and boutonnieres are pinned on the groomsmen

Knowing the order and when each person should walk down the aisle

Making sure the bride has everything she needs before and after she walks down the aisle

Making sure music is cued at just the right moment

Making sure the DJ knows who and when to introduce at the reception

I could go on, but you get the point.

There are details majority of brides, grooms and parents plan for, but the execution part is sometimes lacking. A good day of planner isn’t just making sure things get done, but communicating in a big way to the photographer before things happen during the day so the photographer can be ready and know where and when to be. Most professional wedding photographers have photographed enough weddings to anticipate certain things, however, each wedding is slightly different in that each one has its own twist. A good day of planner should foresee all these things in order to make sure your hired vendors know what’s up.

A good day of planner is your point of contact for the wedding day. Vendors, family and friends should not be calling the bride, groom and even parents on the day of the wedding with last minute questions. You have enough going on that day, that you shouldn’t know whether something breaks or goes wrong. Your day of planner is there to handle any unexpected things that arise.

If you’re still debating on whether you need a day of planner, think through distant family members or acquaintances that are detailed and good following through with tasks that could be a good stand in. Often times these people would be honored to be apart of your big day!

Do yourself a favor and eliminate a lot of stress the day of your wedding and have someone present that can help make sure all your hard work and planning comes together.

Hope this helps. Happy planning!

Whitney – Charlotte, North Carolina Bridal Portraits

Bridal portraits are some of the hardest photos to shoot because following the session I have to keep them locked away until after the wedding day! I could barely help from sharing this beautiful bride before her wedding day this past Saturday. I met Whitney not too long after I moved to Charlotte. She and her husband couldn’t be sweeter. Shortly after her bridal portraits were taken, I found in my mailbox an album she had printed for me of her bridal images. So thoughtful:)I’m so happy for you Whitney!! Congratulations on becoming a Mrs!!

Happy Friday Ya’ll – Planning Beyond the Wedding Day

Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed, have more than one to-do list going? You’re not alone. When I was in the midst of planning my wedding I was working full-time, going to school full-time, maintaing my commitments to my local church, and attempting to manage countless other things all on top of planning a perfect wedding for 200+ people.

Chaos. Never do I want to go back to that season of my life.

Looking back on my own experience just over two years ago, witnessing my sister plan for her May wedding, watching one sister-in-law plan for her wedding in four months, and the other sister-in-law plan her June wedding along with the dozens of other brides and grooms I’ve worked with over the years, it’s not hard to miss the glazed look in most of their eyes, the overwhelming check lists and watching them try to manage the rest of their life among planning for their wedding day and honeymoon. I think we can all agree it’s a crazy time.

As you plan for the biggest day of your life, don’t forget to plan for the rest of your life. 

So much time, money and energy can be spent on the wedding day, but how many of you are planning for the day you get back from your honeymoon? What are you doing to plan for the day when reality sets in and he’s not the man you thought he was or she’s not the woman you thought you married? When the laundry is piled high, when the stress of managing your finances becomes too much, when your careers are taking different paths – how do you plan to overcome hurdles in your marriage?

You might be thinking, this will never happen. Just take me at my word – it does.

Every couple goes through things they hadn’t planned for.

This is normal. No need to be scarred. This shouldn’t be a reason to put down your wedding planning guide or give him back that sparkling engagement ring he placed on your finger. This should however stir you to begin seeking out resources and people that can help guide you to figure out the mystery of marriage and not just how to survive one another but to flourish together in sickness and health till death do you part!

If you haven’t considered reading good books, meeting with couples who’ve been married much longer and seeking biblical marriage counseling, I urge you to do so!

No one will look down on you for seeking help and guidance. In fact, I think more people will have respect for you in knowing you prepared not just for the celebration of your wedding day but rather the days, months and years to come.

If you don’t know where to start, may I suggest to start by contacting your local Bible believing church, read helpful books such as Timothy Keller’s “The Meaning of Marriage” and Bryan Chapell’s “Each for the Other.”

Marriage when in it’s best form is a joy and beautiful process of sanctification. No one ever says it’s easy, but know that it’s worth it when you strive to work together.

Two years ago when Paul and I said our “I do’s” we danced our first dance together to Jason Mraz’s song, “I Won’t Give Up.” I love it even more today.

Hope this helps. Happy planning!