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Rich & Rachel – Charlotte, North Carolina Engagement

The best part of my job isn’t the opportunity of capturing beauty, love and joy behind a lens, even though that’s really great. Nope, the best part is getting to meet wonderful people like Rich and Rachel. Like so many of my couples, they were a blast to hang out with. Even their golden retriever Mickey was awesome! Ok, so maybe I wanted to take him home with me. Rich and Rachel, I can’t wait till your spring wedding!

P.S. I might be slightly envious of your killer view of Uptown Charlotte.

Happy Friday – Family Portraits

Family pictures are some of the most coveted photographs taken on a wedding day. Gone are the days when wedding day photos were taken in studios with white walls. This summer I was looking at my grandmother’s wedding album and couldn’t believe just how far photography has come since then.

Your family is a vital part as to why your wedding day is taken place. They might have driven you crazy during the planning process but without them, you wouldn’t be who you are today.

When I meet with brides, grooms and their parents before the wedding day, I like to know what specific family photos they are expecting to receive from the wedding day. It’s great to know in advance what family photos you want taken because it makes my life easier knowing what to plan for. Most photographers don’t enjoy getting a shot list, but for family photos, I gladly welcome them. Looking back on the wedding day, most brides and grooms can agree it’s a blur, myself included. Often times if they haven’t thought through family photos prior to the wedding day and explained to the photographer just exactly what they are hoping for, things get forgotten amongst the many congratulations.

**Side note – No photographer is perfect, myself included.

Having a list to go by is helpful because I can double check myself in the midst of celebration and making sure I have photographed everything expressed to me by the family.

If the bride and groom has decided not to see each other prior to the wedding, family photos are best taken directly after the ceremony because most of the family is still close by. During this time, it’s great to have someone who knows the family well and that can make sure everyone is nearby for their specific family portrait. This person can also make sure the next group of family members is ready and waiting and not heading off to the reception early.

Some of the best family photographs I have taken are thought through and intentional.


Hope this helps. Happy planning!

Leachman Family – Charlotte, North Carolina Family Photographer

I love this family! I was so excited when I got the text, “when will you be in Louisville next?” I met the Leachman’s several years ago in college at Western Kentucky University. They since moved to Louisville, bought a house and are celebrating six months with their adorable son, Isaiah. Like so many of our friends back in Kentucky we were sad to leave them behind when we moved to North Carolina. Even more exciting is being able to squeeze in time to see them while visiting family!