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Ben & Danielle – Pigeon Forge, Tennessee Mini Maternity

I can’t tell you how excited I get when friends and family ask me to take their pictures. I suppose if you had to compare it to anything it would be like a kid in a candy store. Last weekend my family met in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee for a weekend in the mountains. Early Sunday morning my oldest brother, his wife and I hopped in the car and drove towards Gatlinburg for a mini maternity session. Without us living in the area we were on the hunt for a perfect spot to shoot. I think we found it! I’m anxious to meet the newest member of our family, Samuel and I hope I’m just as cute pregnant as Danielle! 

Happy Friday – Enjoy the Engagement Season

Need I say more?

If you’re planning a wedding, all your married friends have been there. They know what it feels like to be multi-tasking – working full-time, going to school, planning, trying to spend time with your fiancee in between the madness. Know this too is a season. In a blink of an eye it will be over. You might even look back and think how fast it went.

Ok, so maybe you’re not there yet.

In the midst of the craziness, I urge you to take a night a week, once every two weeks or maybe it’s a special outing once a month in the time between now and your wedding day to only focus on the two of you.


Too much time is spent actually planning for one day. Those of us in the married club have gotten caught up at one point or another in the stress, emotion and decision making of planning a wedding. Breath. It will get done and if it doesn’t no one will know except you.

Enjoy your engagement season because it is just that, a season.

304235_10150392657645746_435750871_nA sentimental photo (maybe lacking in technical proficiency) of the night my husband and I got engaged, just before I got a crash course in what it meant to balance planning a wedding and preparing a lifetime with my man.

Hope this helps! Happy planning.

Grant & Taylor – Charlotte, North Carolina Engagement

What was supposed to be a day filled with severe thunderstorms, the sun shown brightly on these two. Grant and Taylor your endearing and affectionate love for one another is adorable. Oh how I’m looking forward to your wedding day!